Aviva supported this winter’s project of those from Caiac Smile, through which they managed to bring the joy of skiing to people with various disabilities.

The founders of the project managed to introduce ski chairs adapted for people with disabilities on the legal ski slopes. Before, only skis and snowboards were allowed.

We hereby announce to the public in Maramureș, on the Cavnic slope, thanks to them, there will now be an available ski chair specially equipped for people with motor disabilities that will be accessible to all those who wish, benefiting from it as well as free chairlifts up the slope.

Among the many beneficiaries of the project, in March 2023 on the Cavnic slope, our colleague from Sighet enjoyed for the first time the pleasure of sliding on skis. We congratulate him for the courage to try and thank him for the care given by the monitors.

We wish them further a lot of success with their project and initiative to share the pleasure and joy of skiing with everyone.

Here you can see on their page more details about these skiing camps and other activities. https://www.caiacsmile.ro/tabere-de-schi-adaptat/