We invest heavily into our manufacturing processes, and can proudly say that we operate at a 0%  waste policy. All of the waste products are either used up in recovery products and sold or used to produce electricity and heat the factory.


Our company believes that the use of sustainable resources is essential for the completion and protection of forests in the future. Both in the plantations and in the managed forests, only the mature trees are selected so as to leave space and light for the development of the seedlings. In this way, the forests self-regenerate, and the plantations benefit from a permanent reforestation program.

In addition, we continue to offer a rich range of wood products, coming from a variety of sources, both in Romania and abroad, bringing to light and highlighting forgotten or neglected essences. The logs are stored in specially prepared areas. Each log is coded and tracked on the entire production flow, so that it is known exactly where the parquet in your house comes from.

Working with wood, we have a responsibility for the preservation of the world’s forests. We use FSC® certified wood and we use our innovation skills to continuously reduce our wood consumption. We are committed to be a good employer and a valued member of our community.

Energy Efficiency

Because wood is a precious resource, Aviva makes sure that all resources are used carefully, the wood being used in its entirety. All the elements from the cutting of the logs are used for parquet and panels. The remaining waste is recovered ensuring the production of bio energy for the entire factory. Thus, the drying process does not require additional costs, being made 100% of this bio fuel.


Wood dust that is released during our production when sawing and sanding our boards is used as a renewable heat source for our tumble dryers and presses. In this way we limit the environmental impact throughout the production process: from the supply of raw materials to the residual flow.

Wood is not only a beautiful and natural product, wooden products also fight global warming. After all, trees capture CO2 and store it as long as their wood is not burned. Meanwhile, a newly planted tree can continue to absorb extra CO2. We strive for a balanced wood consumption with our innovative engineered wood techniques.