Collecting wooden waste contributes to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by avoiding their incineration. Wood waste can be transformed into new materials such as furniture, biofuels and so on.

Our company chose to reuse these materials, this is a traditional way of recycling where wood waste is repurposed, such as for building furniture or ornaments.

This requires minimal processing and contributes to a reduction of waste volume.

The School Center of Inclusive Education of Sighetu Marmației (Centrul Școlar de Educație Incluzivă Sighetu Marmației) joined this project. A part of the waste generated in production was donated to students with special educational needs within the institution.
They created decorative objects in the school’s workshop as per their skills and creativity of each person. The key of these decorations was “involvement, good will and perseverance”.

Through recycling and donation of used wood, we offer children the chance to practice their practical skills, to develop their creativity and to learn in an interactive way. Each piece of wood becomes an opportunity for them to create something unique and valuable.

These talented kids used recycled wood to create unforgettable gifts for birthdays, handmade objects for charity fairs and souvenirs for the school’s guests.

Projects like this not only support a noble cause, but also contribute to educating the young generations about the importance of recycling and taking care of our environment.