Between 28.10.2022 and 10.12.2022, the photo competition entitled “The best Photoin the history of AVIVA” was held at the Aviva factory. Our desire was to collect memories from the perspective of our employees to help us reconstruct the history of Aviva that we have created together since 1999. This was the year Aviva founder Boaz Nevo started delivering timber and thus Aviva’s story here in Sighet.

Our colleagues sent us various pictures, both old and new. In addition to seniority, we valued the factor of involvement and creativity, wanting the younger employees to feel like an important part of Aviva’s story, as they now have the opportunity to contribute to creating an increasingly successful factory and a better future for Aviva and its employees, and in a few years they will also be a memory to remember fondly.

The winning pictures are:

1st Prize – Ieremias Paul Robert
Aviva 0, beginnings
2nd Prize – Hodor Ioana
CIL, 2018
3rd Prize – Arba Marius
Aviva 5, 2021

We owe special gratitude and want to thank our commercial manager Tomoiagă Ioan who has been on the barricades since the beginning and provided us with some of the best and oldest pictures. He decided to cede the rights to the prizes for the other participating employees. We also thank Mr. Eugen Levay who found these forgotten pictures in Xilobaia.

Here on the Our People page you can view all the photos that entered the contest.